Why choose SkyTalk Plus over a hardware-based phone system?
SkyTalk Plus Hosted Communication Systems
 Your up-front costs are significantly lower compared to purchasing a hardware-based system.
 With a rich feature set and multiple options available, we have plans that fit any business budget.
 We support a number of IP phones which are not proprietary to our system.
 Our solution comes with a long list of features that you  would expect to come with any phone system.
 Since there is no phone system hardware other than phones, we don't charge an annual maintenance fee.
 You purchase the phones, your first month's service, and additional data items if needed.*
 No actual phone system  means you don't incur immediate hardware depreciation once it is installed.
 You have access to your web-based console 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
 Our system can grow easily with your business without expensive upgrades.
 No physical phone system means no moving parts or cards that can potentially fail.
 Your costs associated with your telephone system are predictable.
Hardware Based Phone Systems
The phone system is located in your office which means its is subject to theft, flood, or other disasters.
 For a system with the features most businesses require, expect to pay on average between $1,000 and $1,500 per user.
 The phones you purchase are usually proprietary to that system.
 There is an additional software or user licenses charge on standard features sometimes.
 There is an additional charge for maintenance from the hardware manufacturer which covers equipment, software, and  updates for your system.
 You normally pay 100% of the total system cost up front.
 The minute your new system is installed in your office there is immediate depreciation.
 Without a maintenance contract in place, it could be as much as $150 per hour just to troubleshoot issues.
 When you add a new employee, depending on your current system size, it could end up costing you  thousands of dollars.
 Most  systems have moving parts or cards that will eventually fail causing you added expenses in replacement costs.
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* In a typical VoIP environment using a hardware-based or hosted solution the performance of voice is completely reliant on the   type and size of bandwidth you have coming into your office. In some cases, it   is not uncommon for a business purchasing a new VoIP phone system to have the need to purchase more bandwidth from your local provider and additional data   switches. Your SkyTalk Plus reseller can help you assess your individual business needs.
With so many business phone system options available today, unless you are a telecommunications expert it can be hard to figure out what is best for your business. With advances in technology and what a solid hosted business telephone system solution can bring to the table today, adding SkyTalk Plus to your options list is highly recommended. With SkyTalk Plus you can implement a hosted business phone system that will deliver the features you need, scales easily as your business grows, requires significantly less up-front costs versus hardware-based systems, and carries one predictable monthly expense.
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