SIP Trunks are all about paying for what you really need.
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Fancy explanation... Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) has become the common signaling standard for real-time communications for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). SIP is an open-standard which enables SkyTalk Plus customers to seamlessly connect existing customer premise equipment (CPE) with a carrier class voice network in the cloud. Easy to understand explanation... Let's say your business has 8 employees and you currently are paying a traditional carrier a whopping $500+ per month for a PRI circuit (23 channels). If for some reason everyone in your office happens to be on the phone at the same time, then you are using 8 channels of the PRI. Lets take it a step further and say two new callers call in and are placed on hold. So you now you have all 8 people in your office currently on the phone and 2 callers on hold for a total of 10 channels of the PRI being used. What happens to the the other 13 channels that are available on your PRI? That's just it...Nothing! They sit there and will continue to sit there because you will never use them and you will continue to pay $500+ per month for that PRI. With SkyTalk Plus SIP Trunks you pay for what you really need and you save a ton of money in most cases. Our SIP trunks will help you maximize your business communications with a predictable monthly charge.  Compatible with most hardware-based systems directly or via an IAD (Integrated Access Device)  Lower monthly charges via unlimited or metered plan options  Eliminate or minimize your long distance charges with our flexible plan options  Call bursting options that allow for access to calls if you experience periods of unusual high call volumes  E911, DID, and call routing are available  Low per minute metered rates available  Additional SIP trunks can be purchased one at a time  Built-in fail-over which allows your calls to be re-routed to the destination of your choice in the event of equipment failure Our SIP trunks can be turned up quickly versus the normal 30+ days required for traditional circuits Reduce costs by sharing SIP Trunks across your locations. If your business has multiple locations then deploying SIP Trunks in a shared environment could dramatically reduce your current telephone expenses. Not only could there be immediate costs savings, but there are several call routing and business continuity benefits included when you deploy SIP Trunks. Business Case: Your business currently has 3 locations. You currently have 20 lines on a PRI at location one, 10 lines at location two, and 5 lines at location three. That's 35 lines total today. Shared SIP Trunk Solution: SkyTalk Plus would provide you with one or many SIP Trunk groups, any number of pre-paid call paths, and the ability to burst on demand with 10 additional call paths. In many cases our customers find that that they can make due with 20% less (or more) lines if they could be shared across their locations. So, instead of paying for 35 lines, you would would realize immediate costs savings by only needing 28 with a shared hosted SIP Trunk solution. Benefits:  Burstability - Ability to burst above the number of pre-paid trunks or call paths on-demand to ensure your customers can reach you.  Control - Make changes to your configuration on-demand, and as needed.  Advanced Call Routing- Total control of how and when calls are routed on-demand, or as needed.  Business Continuity (Enhanced SIP) - Configure a SIP trunk to automatically fail over to another location, cell phones, or other scenario.
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